Mum Punishes Her Sons With 'excess Enjoyment' For Always Stealing Their Baby Brother's Milk - Mc Ebisco
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Mum punishes her sons with ‘excess enjoyment’ for always stealing their baby brother’s milk

A Nigerian mother devised an interesting way to punish her two sons for always stealing their little brother’s milk.

She lamented that she was tired of buying milk which they end up stealing so she decided to discipline them by giving them too much of what they craved.

The woman poured milk into a big bowl and gave each of them spoons to be eating the powdered milk and ensure they finish it all.

In a video posted on social media, she could be seen holding a cane and giving the kids instructions to continue eating.

One of the boys was begging her to take it easy on them but she refused to listen to his pleas. She said they should keep taking spoonfuls without any rest.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, @dawx_xo tweeted; Milk no go sweet for their mouth again. Them go dey allergic to milk😂😂😂😭 Milkphobia.

@tall_fun69; This isn’t a discipline. when they have disorganised digestive system to say the least, she’d spend for treatment than cost of milk. wisdom in discipline Children matters.

@GeorgeChilaka1; Ahh 😱 this one is wrong 😑 there are many ways to correct a child

@Cynthia58845419; My own was bread, my papa bought a full 3 loaf of bread and sat me down , face to face and said “ e see you? If you no face this 3 bread today, I will flog that spirit of eating bread comot from you body” I sat down, was crying while eating it. thinking I will die but I did not.