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Murdered rapper Tupac’s family say arrested suspect Keffe D has been ‘running his mouth for years’ over killing

THE family of murdered rapper Tupac Shakur say arrested suspect Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis has been “running his mouth for years” over the killing.

And a cop who investigated the 1996 murder called 60-year-old Davis an “idiot” for “talking himself into trouble” in a 2018 Netflix documentary about the Las Vegas shooting.

Suspect Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis has been blasted by murdered rapper Tupac’s family for ‘running his mouth for years’ over the killingCredit:

The legendary rapper died aged 25 when he was repeatedly shot in a car after watching Mike Tyson box at the MGM Grand in Las VegasCredit:

Legendary rapper Tupac died aged 25 when he was repeatedly shot in a car after watching Mike Tyson box at the MGM Grand in Sin City on September 7.

Cops confirmed Davis himself put them on his case after he bragged in the documentary about knowing who shot the rapper.

He was arrested on Friday and is now awaiting trial for murder — leaving Tupac’s family hopeful they are finally close to getting justice.

Policeman Chris Carroll, who cradled the dying rapper in his arms after the roadside shooting, told The Sun on Sunday: “Keffe has talked himself into trouble.

“He is an idiot. No one at the police department was looking at this case until he went out to multiple media outlets and started telling the story of his involvement in the murder.

“You have to be stupid to confess that you were involved in a high-profile murder after years of the police not pursuing the case.

“To voluntarily talk about the whole matter and confess to being a central figure in killing someone as high-profile as Tupac is the dumbest move you could make.

“The case was dead in the water and if he had kept his mouth shut, nothing would have happened.”

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Tupac’s family were said to be “pleased” after learning Davis had been charged with murder.

Police have confirmed that in a July raid on Davis’s home, they found new evidence — a phone, laptops, a hard drive and 40-calibre bullets — which meant they could charge him with murder.

In a press conference, homicide lieutenant Jason Johansson said: “It wasn’t until 2018 that this case was reinvigorated, specifically Duane Davis’s own admissions to his involvement in this case which he gave to numerous media outlets.”

Tupac, who had hits with California Love, Ghetto Gospel and Me Against The World, was shot four times as he sat in a car being driven by his pal, Suge Knight, boss of Tupac’s music label, who survived the attack.

‘Equally guilty’

Tupac was allegedly targeted by Davis after the rapper attacked his nephew, Orlando Anderson.

Cops said it was after this incident that Davis obtained the gun which shot Tupac — which, if true, could land him in jail for being guilty by association.

District Attorney Steve Wilson told us: “Under Nevada law you can be charged with a crime whether you are directly involved or whether you are an aider or an abettor.

“If you helped somebody commit a crime, you are equally as guilty.”

Davis first boasted about Tupac’s murder in 2018 and named his nephew Anderson as the shooter.

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But Anderson, who was shot dead two years after Tupac, always denied killing him.

In Netflix programme Unsolved, Davis boasted of the murder: “I’m going to keep it for the code of the streets. It just came from the backseat bro.”

Davis could be jailed for guilt by association in Tupac’s murder if it is true that he obtained the gun that shot the rapperCredit:.

Davis boasted of the murder in Netflix programme UnsolvedCredit: