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My mistake on Buhari, won’t repeat with Tinubu – Najaatu

My mistake on Buhari, won’t repeat with Tinubu , Former All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain Hajiya Najaatu Muhammad has stated that she will not make the same error on Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate, as she did on Buhari as the 2023 general election draws near.

Najaatu claimed that she followed Buhari without an objective while wearing blindfolds, and that error shouldn’t be made again.

Najaatu claimed in an interview with Trust TV’s Daily Politics that she had been a supporter of Buhari since 2022 before ultimately betraying her faith in him.

She stated, “I supported Buhari and millions of people supported Buhari because they believed he would improve Nigeria, but we never presented him with a plan, we never set expectations for him, and we never came to an understanding with him regarding our goals. Therefore, we must apply what we’ve learned the last time.

“Buhari threw away every single one of his supporters, including me. We weren’t all taken to the Villa. And he didn’t keep any of his pledges regarding corruption, security, agriculture, or creating a conducive climate for Nigerians.

“He is working on the most corrupt government Nigeria has ever had, and he pardoned some of the country’s worst crooks,” Najaatu stated. A certain person is accused of stealing billions, yet no one seems to care.

“We are hearing about trillions right now, so what is he saying? He makes orders and then counterorders them; he has let us down and broken his promises. Having said that, I cannot make another mistake on Asiwaju if I can on Buhari.

She added that Tinubu had told her that while he doesn’t have a plan for the north, he will when he wins. She went on to say that until she visited Tinubu in London, she was unaware of how seriously ill he was.