My Presence Alone Brings Happiness- Says Bobrisky

Nigerian gorgeous transgender woman and social media influencer, Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky few minutes ago took to her official facebook page to reveal the happiness her presence alone brings.

Bobrisky is well known for her amazing and generous life, her philanthropic life to her friends, maid, fans and everyone around her has earned her so much love and fans within and outside the country.

Bobrisky is also known for her luxurious and expensive life, the clothes, shoes, jewelries, the house she lives in, her friends, the party and occasions she attends, her car etc has proven how expensive and amazing her life is.

All the qualities listed above is more than enough reason for Bobrisky to create happiness wherever she goes to, I mean who wouldn’t love her amazing and luxurious life.

In the video she posted, Bobrisky was seen dancing and having fun at a party and of course everyone enjoyed her presence so much.