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NDLEA’s Major Victory: N.5 Billion Meth Shipment Intercepted en route to UK

In a major breakthrough in the war against drug trafficking, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has intercepted a large shipment of methamphetamine worth N.5 billion destined for the United Kingdom. The successful operation, which was carried out by NDLEA operatives, dealt a significant blow to international drug syndicates and highlighted Nigeria’s commitment to curbing the illicit drug trade.

the interception took place at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos during a routine search of cargo destined for the UK. Acting on intelligence, NDLEA officers discovered a consignment labeled as “industrial raw materials.” However, upon further inspection, it was revealed that the crates contained a massive quantity of methamphetamine hidden among legitimate goods.

Preliminary estimates suggest that the seized methamphetamine has a street value of approximately N.5 billion. This seizure represents a major dent in the profits of drug traffickers and sends a strong message that Nigeria will not tolerate the illicit drug trade within its borders.

The NDLEA is intensifying efforts to dismantle drug trafficking networks operating in the country. This successful operation underscores the agency’s determination to disrupt the supply chain of illegal drugs and prevent their distribution both domestically and internationally. The NDLEA has been collaborating closely with international partners to gather intelligence and enhance its capacity to detect and intercept drug shipments.