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Niger Coup: The Only Remaining Alternative Is Dialogue, Not War

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) led by President Bola Tinubu must continue to employ dialogue in its quest to resolve military coup and take over in Niger Republic

The Planter of the Christ Apostolic Church, Adamimogo Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain Worldwide, Prophet Sam Olu Alo, who gave the advice, said the issue must be painstakingly handled to ensure that war, in no way, becomes an option in the ongoing negotiation.

Olu-Alo spoke at the Jesus City Camp, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, during the Sure Mercy of David Prophetic Sunday.

The cleric who decried the situation in Ukraine, said the war between the country and Russia and the devastation that has occurred shows that men, women including pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and defenseless youths, are always at the receiving end.

He said, “No matter the time it takes to reach a compromise between the military who took over power in Niger and the ECOWAS, dialogue remains the solution because of the bitter experience of war where the innocent are always vulnerable”.

“The calmness in Niger with no riot by the citizens in reaction to the military intervention should serve as a warning to all other African leaders and caution every arbiter on the type of intervention they are proffering to the debacle.

The prophet pleaded with President Tinubu to use his position as the Head of ECOWAS mission to ensure that war is not the conclusion of their intervention and prevent shedding of innocent blood in Niger,” he said.