Nigeria Plunged into Darkness as Power Grid Collapses

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Nigeria’s power grid has collapsed once more, making it the fourth time the country has been left in darkness, this year.

The nation’s electricity output decreased to a mere 0.80 megawatts, far from its average generation capacity.

According to the Independent System Operator, an arm of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), power plants’ contribution to the grid began to decline around 2 pm. The output fell from 3,417.99 megawatts at 1 pm to 2,797.16 megawatts at 2 pm.

The situation worsened by 3 pm, with electricity generation plummeting to 1,020.08 megawatts. By 4 pm, the grid had collapsed entirely, with a paltry 0.80 megawatts being generated by the Trans-Amadi Power plant.

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