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Nigerian Lady Dies After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery In Lagos (Watch Video)

Destiny, a young Nigerian woman who purportedly received cosmetic surgery in Lagos, died as a result of the procedure’s complications.

A friend of the deceased claimed that Destiny underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift operation at an aesthetic hospital in Lagos.

It was gathered that after the surgery, she was supposed to be discharged on the fourth day but developed some complications with her breathing.

She was then rushed to a specialist hospital, where she passed away.

An alleged eyewitness who shared the story online wrote,

“It was four days after the lady’s surgery, in fact she was supposed to go home that day. But in the morning around like past 5, the lady started complaining of breathing issues. That the nurses and the drs immediately came around & started attending to her, giving her oxygen and plenty things then it started looking like she was getting better but they didn’t want to risk it (I think bcos of past history).

They called one other place outside (I suspect an ICU) that was around them & those people came and carried her away. My sx sis insists that the lady left the hospital alive & that even though, she was not breathing so well, that she was alive & talking very well. Asking where her phone was & all.”