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Nigerian Lady Shares Photos Of Her 5 Ex-boyfriends And What She Misses About Them (Video)

Social media users are reacting to a video of a Nigerian lady who shared photos of her ex-boyfriends and what she misses about them.

In the video, the lady added captions to each of the 5 images attached to the video.

These captions revealed the reasons she misses her ex-boyfriends, each for different reasons.

She mentioned missing one for ‘being caring and romantic’, another for providing support in form of ‘cash‘.

One of the captions mentioned missing her ex-boyfriend because of his “small d*ck,” another because of his lips, and yet another because of his “good s3x.”

These captions detailing the reasons for missing her 5 ex-boyfriends have ignited discussions on social media, with many individuals sharing their views in the comments section.

See Video Below;

See Reactions Below;

meetemmanueljacob: “This is obviously a cry for help and not cruise. There is no way someone in her right mind will be posting something like this. I hope she gets help soon before things will get out of hand.”

_d.oris: “You go just wake up one morning, see yourself for social media.”

emilysmile.09: “It seems these days alot of people don’t have sense and no home training, like what’s this.”

adaikwerre: “These are people’s sons. If a man did this about a woman e for turn yam pepper scatter.”

teslim____: “5 ex… you never talk one night stands your body count go dey reach 100+. Na person go marry this one oloriburuku Omo MASHANFANi.”