Nigerian Singer, Timi Dakolo Reveals A Rule He Has For Himself

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Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo, the prolific Nigerian singer and songwriter, has recently shared his perspective on the debate surrounding artists creating music primarily for their fans.

In a recent podcast, Dakolo articulated his belief that true artistry stems from a personal connection to the music.

“For me I have a rule that you make music for yourself because the food you want to give someone you must be able to enjoy it yourself,” he said.

Dakolo emphasised that he prioritises making music that he personally loves, asserting that fans will appreciate it in due course.

Dakolo, known for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, shared his candid perspective, emphasising the importance of artistic authenticity.

“You are the first person to play it, the idea is yours, the motivation was yours, and the core of it was presented to you so the first person that encounters that idea is you.

“If you’re doing it for people then you are missing the whole point. A good product convinces the people. It speaks louder than asking people to come and hear your music. If the product is good people will embrace it.”

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