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Nigerians Found Hope In Obi, Linking Him With IPOB Laughable – Labour Party

Labour Party (LP) has described attempts by some individuals to link its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, with separatist agitations in the South East as laughable.

In an interview with Daily Sun, yesterday, Publicity Secretary of the party in Enugu State, Ibuchukwu Ezike, dismissed those insinuations, insisting Nigerians were tired of the old order and have found hope in Obi.

“The federal establishments in the South East are they working on Mondays? Did Boko Haram not sack North East Nigeria? So, if you see a situation where there is threat to life and you go and put your head there for you to prove a stupid point, does it make sense?

“Is Obi the one organising the rallies? The people organising the rallies are supporters of Obi. What led to the rise of the pro-Biafra movement? Is it not about oppression, injustice, lies and corruption? What are the pro-Biafra movement asking for in this country? They are asking Nigeria should be made a safe society and that Ndigbo should be included in Nigeria because we are part and parcel of this country. Ndigbo have contributed immensely to Nigeria as a nation.

“Those who came out on Monday and were killed, what did those alleging that Obi is pro-Biafra or IPOB supporter do? Did they revive those lives? The businesses that were crumbled, did they revive those businesses? People should not be stupid in talking nonsense. Meanwhile, Peter Obi is not the one mobilising Nigerians. Nigerians are tired of Peoples Democratic Party and All Progressives Congress and they are saying, we want a change, that’s all.”

He explained that Nigerians were queuing behind Obi because of the character he displayed when he served as governor of Anambra State.

“He did very well in managing the resources of the state in building social amenities. He revived education. He paid salaries promptly and was able to clear the backlog of salaries and gratuities owed in the state in the region of billions of naira.

“While he was leaving, he did not leave any debt but handed over big sums of money to his successor. Nigerians have become tired of the two other political parties. Nigeria has collapsed. Our educational system has died. There is hunger everywhere. There is no hope everywhere in this country. That is why you are seeing this level of support for Obi.”

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