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No Bride Price Needed – Meet The Tribe That Exchanges Sisters For Marriage

The Mbuti tribe are a group Pygmies leaving in the Ituri Rainforest of Eastern Congo. They are said to be the shortest tribe with an average height of 4’6 feet and 137 in centimeters.

The rainforest provides their basic needs such as food, fresh water from streams, firewood and clothing. Due to their hunting nature, they limit their technological advancement to hunting and gathering tools. They hunt some small animals with bow and arrows, nets and spears.

Marriage among these tribes are done by sister exchange. This is based on a batter system where men from other bands exchange their sisters for other clans females to whom they have bonded with . The bride price of a woman is not customary (no bride price needed).

They do not have any form of marriage ceremony. They are considered to be married when the man presents to the family of the bride an antelope he has hunted and killed by himself. Polygamy is very rear with these tribe as most of these tribes men have strong family bonds which last very long.