No student will drop out of school while I’m in charge, as I stated in my manifesto—Tinubu

The President declared in a statement issued on this day that his administration will ensure that conditions are favorable for students to attend class and that no student will be allowed to drop out while he is in charge.

At the 33rd convocation ceremony of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), President Tinubu spoke eloquently on behalf of Prof. King-David Terna Yawe, a visiting professor from the National Universities Commission (NUC) and a former president of the West Africa College of Surgeons (WACS). Tinubu expressed the hope that union cooperation with the federal government would ensure the necessary educational development in the nation.

President Tinubu said that his administration will make sure that tools and activities responsible for productivity will be made available to institutions. He also spoke about getting the institutions into better dialogue, as it is a better alternative to strike actions.

“On our part, we will ensure that motivational activities are put in place to ensure improved productivity. Reciprocative actions would be expected from our universities as the government works hard to raise the bar of a conducive teaching and learning environment.“To whom much is given, much is expected. Dialogue, patience, and positive engagements are better means of achieving results than strike actions. Industrial disharmony does nothing but disrupt life, waste time, and elongate the academic calendar.

“Therefore, all avenues for dialogue must be explored and exhausted before strike actions are considered, and as the last resort”.

“Under my watch and as I have said in my manifesto, no student will drop out of school as a result of inability to pay school charges.“There are many good plans this government has in the pipeline for the university community in particular and the higher education sector in general. Your welfare, including human and infrastructural development will be the priority of the federal government and I have no doubt that we can achieve stability in the university academic calendar if we come together as critical stakeholders. However, this cannot be achieved unless a peaceful teaching and learning environment is guaranteed, and purposeful and participatory governance is fostered. My government would not shirk its responsibilities in this regard.”