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NUC Set to Implement Core Curriculum Standards for Nigerian Universities

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has announced that it would begin implementing the Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standards next month, which will assist each university in building a stronger curriculum for its programmes.

According to the Commission’s Acting Executive Secretary, Mr Chris Maiyaki, the implementation of the Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standards will return Nigerian universities to the top of the continent’s rankings.

The NUC previously disclosed that each university will be allowed to make a limited number of changes to the new curriculum in order to make their curricula unique.

Mr Maiyaki said on Wednesday, at a stakeholders colloquium in Abuja, that the CCMAS will make up 70% of the curriculum and universities can make their desired adjustments with the remaining 30%.

“The role and development of the CCMAS is to ensure commitment in advancing our education and our great nation,” Mr Maiyaki said.

“NUC is primarily dedicated to ensuring quality and global competitiveness of Nigerian universities as well as the graduates we produce.

“The development of the CCMAS went through a painstaking process by bringing experts from our universities comprising of professors, regulatory bodies, Nigerian Economic Summit Group and all stakeholders,” he added.

He went on to say that the CCMAS would offer the necessary upgrades to raise the country’s educational level.

“The CCMAS reflects global initiative that will equip graduates with knowledge and wherewithal that will advance the development of the nation.

“There is no better place and time than now to develop a strategy that will guide tertiary institutions particularly universities in their mandate to provide appropriate manpower for the country,” he said