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“Obidients Should Be Neutral”: Economist Explains Why Chioma Okoli Should Apologise to Erisco CEO

Ikeja, Lagos state – A seasoned economist, Godson Moneke, has said that Chioma Okoli, a consumer who reviewed one of Erisco Food’s products, should be able to “discern between genuine activism and reckless behaviour”.

Moneke said Okoli’s actions lacked the rigour and objectivity expected of a product review, “displaying a disregard for the repercussions on a brand and its stakeholders”.

Chioma Okoli told to apologise to Erisco CEO. Photo credits: @IgboHistoFacts, Isaac ObasiSource: UGC

AmbaJay recalls that on September 17, 2023, Okoli made a post on Facebook stating that she tasted Nagiko Tomato Mix — one of the tomato paste variants of the firm — and found it sugary.

Reacting in a statement, Erisco Foods Limited described the claim as untrue and unfounded.

Okoli was later arrested by the police following a petition by Eric Umeofia, president and CEO of the company. Both parties have been in court since.

Moneke waded in and advised Obidients – a sobriquet for supporters of Peter Obi, a presidential hopeful – to be neutral.

The economist also asked Okoli to apologise to Erisco’s boss, Umeofia.

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“An apolitical matter which has to do with bad conduct by an uncultured and indisciplined married woman is being reduced to a partisan battle involving supporters of Mr Peter Obi widely known as Obidients who instead of staying neutral like other Nigerians decided to take sides with one of the parties. The impression should not be created that Obidients are a lawless lot.

“The CEO of Erisco is not into partisan politics but only a law-abiding citizen who is into local manufacturing.

“No amount of propaganda and social media braggadocio would help her unless she retraces her steps and tenders an unreserved apology to the parties she has hurt and lied against.”

Moneke added:

“Chioma is better advised to come down from her contrived high horse and plead for leniency, first from the Erisco CEO and then the Nigeria Police before it is too late. Denying a letter of apology which she freely wrote to the CEO of Erisco with the invented excuse that it was written under duress shows she is naturally a troublemaker, untrustworthy and untruthful. Duress by who? Proving duress is not as easy as the word sounds or is used.”

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