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Okuama: Army Can’t Deny Retaliatory Attack, Army Didn’t Allow Anybody Access To The Community -Onovo

In a recent statement, head of Policy Positions at the Movement for Fundamental Change (MFC), Martin Onovo, in response to inquiries about the Okuama incident, where innocent villagers were reportedly killed and homes destroyed has strongly criticized the Army’s actions, as reported by The Sun.

Onovo condemned the Army’s attack on civilians, stating that such actions were unjustifiable.

He challenged the Army’s denial of involvement by citing reports with videos and evidence of heavy military equipment.

Onovo questioned the reasoning behind the Army’s retaliation and underlined the unjustifiability of targeting civilians.

Additionally, he expressed concerns about the lack of transparency, pointing out the Army denying people access to the Okuama community, which raises accountability issues.

“The Army cannot deny its retaliatory attack on innocent citizens. The new reports on the attack showed videos and heavy military equipment like gunboats. The killing of innocent villagers and the destruction of the Okuama community by the Army in retaliation for the loss of its men is highly unprofessional and must be condemned. The Army did not allow anybody access into the community, so who else were burning the houses?”