Oladips Apologizes for Death Hoax, Cites Illness and Mismanagement

Nigerian rapper, Oladipupo Oladimeji, widely known as Oladips, has publicly expressed remorse to the Nigerian people for the recent death hoax that was perpetrated by his management team. While apologizing for the confusion caused, he adamantly claimed that it was never intended as a prank, emphasizing that he was genuinely unwell.

During an interview with Naija FM in Lagos, Oladips declared his sincere apologies to Nigerians and his devout followers, assuring them that he would never toy with people’s emotions in such a manner.

He acknowledged the severity of the situation, acknowledging responsibility for the confusion, false alarm, and everything that followed.

Moving forward, Oladips emphasized his commitment to surround himself with professionals who possess a deep understanding of appropriate conduct.

He shared his personal struggles, including incidents of theft and malicious wishes for his demise from his former manager, which led him to sever their ties. Emphasizing the importance of professionalism, Oladips believed that such misconduct would not have occurred if his manager had been truly dedicated to their role.

Taking full accountability for the incident, Oladips sincerely apologized to his fans, urging them to forgive him for the distress caused. He expressed his determination to ensure that his upcoming team comprises individuals who are not only skilled but also uphold proper ethics and values.

In conclusion, Oladips regrets the death hoax and promises to learn from this experience, emphasizing the importance of professionalism and taking responsibility for his actions.