Outrage as Governor orders Security aide to slap ‘Islamic Cleric’ [PICS/VIDEO]

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The Governor of Niger State, Umaru Mohammed Bago is currently trending on Social media after footage emerged showing him ordering a security aide to slap an alleged islamic cleric.

Bago, in the now viral video, is seen clad in a white agbada flanked by some officials in a small gathering,  talking to the audience about the young man(seen on his kneels). Shortly after, he ordered for the man to be slapped and arrested.

According to an eyewitness, Ibrahim Makama, the Governor had called for an Imam to lead prayers when the young man suddenly jumped out and volunteered to Pray.

The Governor asked; “are you an Imam? This is an act of indiscipline, I am calling the Imam to pray not you”.

The boy was then asked to kneel before getting arrested.

Watch the video below;

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