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Parents Forced Their 5-Year-Old Daughter And Son Into Marriage Because Of This Common Thing

Children rank among the most important and complex human beings we will ever encounter, in addition to being one of the most important persons in our lives. I genuinely think that all parents would concur.

It is our duty as their parents to teach them the ways of the world and to prepare them for the difficulties that lie ahead.

The fact that kids don’t always take criticism or discipline well can make it difficult at times, but if you are firm with your words and actions, you will be able to handle parenting without any issues at all.

However, some people are unfit to be parents. According to accounts, Moosika, a 5-year-old, married Rinrada because their parents think the two were once lovers.

The parents were obviously aware of the full scope of what a relationship like this entailed, but they appeared unconcerned because of a superstitious belief. It goes without saying that the little children would barely have understood this.

According to the boy and girl’s family’s Buddhist beliefs, they had a romantic relationship in a previous life but were unable to wed because of circumstances, which caused them to be born as twins this time.

around. Additionally, according to the parents, the children’s “karma” from a previous life will prevent them from leading healthy lives until they are married to one another.

Having twins makes me feel incredibly fortunate, but I worry that something from their prior life is still haunting them. According to the Daily Mail, Rewadee, a 30-year-old mother from Thailand, stated, “Our thinking is that they should be married in order to clear that karma.

In celebration of the brother and sister’s marriage, friends and relatives joined in on the festivities. As the kids were coerced into being married without completely comprehending what it meant, the guests watched the parades, grooved to the celebratory music, and danced the night away. Kindly.