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Pastor Kumuyi Said That During The 400 Years Between Malachi And The New Testament, Corruption Kept Piling Up.

On a live video stream, the general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, shared a message with the general public.

During the discussion of Point 1 of THE MEANINGLESS LIFE OF CORRUPTION AND CONDEMNATION, The cleric allegedly said, “People live meaningless, profitless lives because of corruption,” in a Monday Global Crusade. Why did Jesus come? He recognized our depravity and corruption and understood that we were powerless to save ourselves. He therefore came in order to extricate everyone who is submerged and buried in corruption. If you are living in corruption, your life has no purpose. Even if you have a Christian name like William, Stephen, Mary, or Martha, your life has no purpose if it is corrupt at the workplace.

He wants to rid you of the corruption that wrecked the previous world and to free you from it. There will be censure wherever there is corruption.

Speaking further, Jesus stated, “Sinners cannot claim to be Christians since Christians and corruption must be far apart. The sinner’s ideas and thoughts are simply bad, helpless always. You are unable to claim to be a believer. Corruption and believers must be kept entirely apart. If there is office corruption and you are not yet saved, get saved tonight and live morally. Even if you don’t feel corrupt in the eyes of people, how about in the eyes of God? Corruption is corruption in His sight. Evil is still immoral, and sin is still sin.

He continued, stating, “In Matthew 7:17–20. These are Jesus Christ’s exact words. There were 400 years of corruption between Malachi and the New Testament. Even in the New Testament, it was still present in the world. You are compared to a tree and will bear good fruits—the fruits of the Spirit—when you are born again and your life is turned around. Your life will be filled with goodness, long-suffering, faithfulness, love, serenity, and joy. A corrupt tree, however, will never bear excellent fruit, and a converted person will never bear bad fruit. Be a good tree and a child of God who is filled with His grace.