Pat Utomi Applauds Citizen-Led Funding Efforts in Support of Obi Campaign for Nigeria’s Future

Renowned economist and political commentator, Pat Utomi, recently took to his Twitter handle to respond to speculations surrounding the funding of a popular political campaign. In his statement, Utomi expressed his amazement at the disinformation circulating about the financial support received by the campaign.

Utomi emphasized the significant contributions made by citizens in various support groups and commended the prudent financial management of the campaign led by an individual referred to as “PO.” He described the outpouring of resources from citizens as awe-inspiring and humbling. Utomi further revealed that he himself had resorted to seeking external funding, even turning to “ODs,” presumably referring to other donors, to support his own activities in promoting the campaign’s objective of fostering faith in saving Nigeria.

This statement by Pat Utomi sheds light on the collective efforts made by citizens and the personal commitment demonstrated by the campaign’s leader. It highlights the resilience and determination of individuals who are working towards a common goal of uplifting the nation. The mention of Utomi’s reliance on external funding underlines the significance and scale of the campaign’s activities, as well as the commitment of its supporters.