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People Complain That I Am Too Confident/Proud Despite Having Just One Hand – Female Amputee

A female amputee who identifies as Michelle Oluchi Mary has gone viral after making a video saying that people complain about her confidence. In this video, she can be seen stating that her confidence, pride and the way she carries herself outside makes people wonder and sometimes the intimidated ones try to use her condition (being an amputee) as a means to bring her down.

According to her, when she oozes so much confidence outside they tell her that she is doing too much despite having only one hand. However, she made it clear that she doesn’t see herself as someone with one hand, but two and that’s why she is so confident and proud of herself. She went ahead to advise everyone who is disabled or has a scar to embrace their imperfections, because it’s when they hide it that people will want to find something to talk about.

She said, “People complain that I am doing too much despite having just one hand. They complain about my confidence and pride, but I won’t stop because I see myself with two hands and not one”.