PEPT: I Couldn’t Sleep Out Of Joy Of Victory, I Was Waiting To See If My Job Was Secured – Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the candidate for the All Progressives Congress, has spoken out to describe how he felt when word of his victory at the tribunal reached him in distant India. The ruling by the five-member panel of Appeal Court Justices at the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal (PEPT) continues to dominate public discourse throughout the country.

In a report published by ARISE NEWS on its verified Twitter account a short while ago, Tinubu was reportedly explaining why he arrived late at an earlier-than-planned meeting on Thursday, September 7, when he disclosed that the news of his victory in court had caused him to become so excited that he had trouble falling asleep the night before.

According to Tinubu, he had listened to the court hearings that day to determine if his position as president of Nigeria was still safe.

I was watching to see whether my job was secured or not, he continued. I was so excited about the triumph that I was unable to sleep as a result of it.

So, the day after was quite difficult; it was a hangover I appreciated, and I think everyone understands why we are beginning late. Please pardon us.