PEPT: If Abuja Is A State and has No Special Status, Who Is The Gov and what Is The Capital? – Oseloka Obaze

In response to the most recent ruling by the Presidential Election Petition Court, Oseloka H. Obaze, a senior member of the Labour Party and a close friend of the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Obi, has raised some interesting issues.

Oseloka Obaze raised concerns about Abuja situation in light of the court’s decision in a tweets that was posted on his official Twitter account. He explicitly questioned who would serve as this fictitious state’s governor and where its capital might be located.

Nigerians have reacted in a variety of ways to the ruling issued by the Presidential Election Petition Court following the end of the presidential election petition case.

Oseloka Obaze inquiry highlights the potential implications of the court’s ruling on Abuja’s status and the broader implications for governance and administration in the nation capital.

Check the screenshot of his tweets below