PEPT: ‘The Judges Said The Petitioners Did Not Do A Good Job In The Presentation Of It Evidences’ – Akande

A Media Aide To The Former Vice President Of Nigeria, Laolu Akande has pointed out a bothering statement being made by the Judges about the case of the petitioners against the victory of President Bols Tinubu at the PEPT. He stated that the Judges had claimed that the petitioners failed in the presentation of its evidences to the court. According to him, he had expected the petitioner’s lawyers to counter those claims being made by the Judges.

He said In an interview with Channels TV news, ”Something struck me in what the Judges said and I think the lawyers of the petitioners, I thought they were going to come out firing on all cylinders. The Judges said that in a number of instances that the petitioners did not do a good job in the presentation of it evidence. They gave an example of videos that were presented to the tribunal without date, without specific information about where and where this happened. And when I heard that, I was scandalized that how could you have a situation where this could be done on that kind of national stage. So I was expecting that the petitioner would say that didn’t happen.”