Peter Obi Condemns FG’s Wasteful Spending, Cites Kenya as a Model of Responsible Leadership

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Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has condemned what he described as wasteful spending by the Federal Government wasteful spending and has urged Nigerian leaders to draw inspiration from Kenya’s exemplary leadership.

Obi made the remarks in a statement posted on Social media on Sunday morning.

Obi praised Kenya’s recent demonstration of responsive governance, where he said the President listened to citizens’ demands and took measures to reduce unnecessary expenditures.

He said, “We, the Nigerian political leaders, should take a strong lesson from the recent Kenyan experience. When the Kenyan public realized that their government was not making sufficient sacrifices and prioritizing resources effectively, they spoke out, demanded change, expressed their dissatisfaction, and protested. In response, the President demonstrated true Leadership by listening to the people’s demands and acting accordingly, recognizing that government should be driven by the needs of the citizens, not by our own consumption agenda.

“The government took several measures to reduce unnecessary expenditures and demonstrate fiscal responsibility, including cancelling budgets for the First Lady and Second Lady’s offices, dissolving 47 state agencies, suspending nonessential travel for government workers, freezing the purchase of new cars for officials, and reducing the number of advisers by half. Another notable instance was when the president was accused of chartering a plane to America. Instead of dismissing the concerns, he responded transparently and addressed the issue.”

In contrast, Obi lamented Nigeria’s leadership, which he said often disregards citizens’ grievances and allegedly uses public funds to silence critics. He said there is a need for leaders to prioritize the welfare of the people over personal interests.

The former Anambra State Governor added, “This acknowledgement of the people’s demands exemplifies responsive governance. In contrast, we the Nigerian leaders, often arrogantly do the opposite to genuine grievances of our suffering citizens. Instead of addressing legitimate concerns, and being accountable to the people, we resort to using public funds to pay media thugs to insult and abuse those who speak truth to power. We, the Nigerian Leaders, must abandon these detrimental habits, stop the feasting, and start making sacrifices for the greater good of our suffering masses.

“True change and progress will require leaders who are sincere, willing to listen, act responsibly, and prioritize the welfare of the people over personal or political interests. If we make the necessary changes and make the needed sacrifices, A new Nigeria is possible!”

It can be recalled that President William Ruto of Kenya recently announced key austerity measures aimed at addressing public discontent and cutting government expenditure amid protests in the East African country.

Budgets allocated to the offices of the First Lady and Second Lady have been removed, while a ban was also placed on the purchase of new cars for government use.

President Ruto further dissolved 47 state agencies and suspended all non-essential travel for government workers.

The president also announced that the number of his advisers has been reduced by 50%.

The decisions come after three weeks of anti-government protests, which have seen citizens demand greater transparency, accountability, and better governance.

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