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Peter Obi Does Not Recognize Me Because I Am A Muslim- Lamidi Apapa Says On LP Crisis

Comrade Lamidi Apapa, a leader of a faction within the Labor Party, has made claims that the secretary general of the Peter Obi and Obi Datti Movement Organization did not recognize him as the party’s national head because of his religious beliefs.

Apapa asserted that he was the only elected vice chairman of the National Labor Party, while the other two individuals were appointed by the Labor Party (LP) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

He criticized Obi, stating that his religious convictions hinder his effectiveness in life. Apapa highlighted that he is the sole Muslim among Christians such as Obi, Abure, and Osuntokun. He expressed his disappointment with the situation.

During an appearance on a morning show on Channels TV, Apapa claimed that Mr. Abure’s organization influenced Obi’s decision not to recognize him in court. It was rumored that a meeting took place, resulting in the court ordering Obi and four others to cease acting as party leaders.

Apapa stated that he would continue leading the Labor Party until his comrade, Julius Abure, was cleared of all accusations, after which he would resume his position as Vice President of the Federation. He accused Obi of attempting to harass and harm others in court and claimed that there was an attempt on his own life, allegedly initiated by Obi and Peter Obi.

Apapa recounted an incident where his friends assured him they would support him if he attended a party event as a party representative. However, Obi informed him upon their return that he would not acknowledge him as the party leader. Apapa questioned why Obi treated him poorly despite not having done anything wrong.

He emphasized that he had never claimed to be the president of the state but had been appointed as the interim president of the state. If Mr. Abure were to resign, Apapa would assume his responsibilities. He stressed the importance of following the Labor Party’s project named “Obi” and completing the work regardless of his presence. Apapa expressed his desire for Obi to explain why he was treated unfairly despite their lack of conflicts.

These statements from Apapa shed light on the internal dynamics and conflicts within the Labor Party. It is a complex situation that highlights disagreements, personal relationships, and religious factors that have influenced the recognition and roles of different leaders within the party.