Please Avoid Using Your Phone While In Bed; Here Are The Consequences You Should Know

Frantically searching the neighbourhood, they found Max returning with Tommy’s backpack, which contained a chilling discovery: a mutilated doll’s head with a menacing note reading, “FIND HIM IF YOU CAN!”

Horrified, Justin and Kate rushed to the police station. Seven days had passed since Tommy’s disappearance.

Stunned by the evidence, Officer Fredrick called for immediate investigation and backup.

The police combed the area where Max had discovered Tommy’s bag but found no additional leads, even with the help of K9 units. The only clue was footage of Max retrieving the bag.

“Please, officers, find our son. We’re terrified for Tommy’s life after seeing the note and that…doll,” Justin pleaded, breaking down.

Kate, numb with shock and despair, locked herself in their room, refusing to speak. The discovery of Tommy’s clothes and shoes, along with the note and mutilated doll’s head, had shattered all her hopes.

“Kate, come out of the room…Kate?” Justin banged on the door, but Kate’s response was heart-wrenching. “Leave me alone! I want my son back, and you…and those cops…you can’t even find him!”

Later, a sudden realization hit Kate. She bolted out of the room and the house, Justin following her, and stopped near the crumbled building where Max had found Tommy’s bag.

“This building…I remember this place…Justin, do you remember that terrible accident last year?” she asked.

“Yeah, I remember. Some kids were playing here…including Tommy,” Justin replied, confused about the connection.

“Think! How did Tommy’s backpack end up here, in the same spot and around the same time he was injured last year? It’s like someone is trying to tell us something,” Kate pondered, sensing a connection between the accident and their son’s disappearance.

“It’s GRACE! No wonder Tommy recognized the person in the car! She was injured when the wall came down, remember? But I was so eager to save Tommy…when she asked for help, I left her! I left her to die!” she exclaimed, feeling a pang of guilt. “What if it’s some sort of…revenge? Remember how she stared at me when she left our neighborhood?”

Justin, now alarmed, agreed to call the cops. The officers soon found that Grace, the former neighbor, had recently moved to another building on the same street. When they arrived at her new home, they learned she’d vacated it a week ago.

“We need to track her phone’s location…we might have a lead,” Officer Fredrick suggested urgently.

Finally, a lead came. “Grace’s phone was last active near the woods on the outskirts of town. We’re heading there right now. We need more backup,” Fredrick relayed, sparking a glimmer of hope in the darkest hour.

Tension hung in the air as Kate and Justin sped behind the cruisers towards the thick woods. As they inched closer, their hearts raced, fearing things far more sinister than they had ever imagined.

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“Mr. and Mrs. Turner, please stay right here while we look,” Officer Fredrick told the couple.

But Kate’s desperation to find her son pushed her to the edge. While Justin and the cops were busy checking for updates, Kate ventured into the thick woods, ignoring the warnings from the police.

“Tommy…Tom…Tommy, where are you, honey? It’s Mommy. TOMMY…are you out there?”

Suddenly, a blow to her head knocked her unconscious.

Kate woke up bound in a dark cabin and found herself face-to-face with Grace.

“Oh, Kate, dear! You’ve finally woken up!” Grace’s voice was chilling. “Oh, by the way, I’ve finished him!” Grace laughed menacingly.

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“NO!…No, please, no!… Where’s Tommy?” Kate cried.

Grace circled Kate, her laughter echoing. “Cry some more for me! CRY! Just like I cried for help that day when you left me under that wall! I lost everything because of you, Kate! You ignored my cries for help, causing my miscarriage. I lost my husband! He left me because I couldn’t give him another child! You destroyed my life while you enjoyed yours,” Grace accused.

“Grace, I’m sorry for your loss. Look, I didn’t know you were pregnant! I’m sorry again. Please, leave my son,” Kate begged.

“Relax, I won’t kill your son. I’m going to take him away and raise him as mine. And now, it’s time for you to die,” Grace pointed a gun at Kate.

Just as Grace was about to pull the trigger, the cabin door burst open with police storming in.

“Drop the weapon!” Officer Fredrick commanded.

The police found Tommy in another room. He was alive but bound. The cops freed Kate and Tommy, and the parents finally reunited with their son.

“Thank you, Officer Fredrick,” Justin said gratefully as Grace was taken away.

“It was your wife’s smart move, sharing her location with you before venturing into the woods,” the officer replied.

At home, Max joyfully greeted Tommy. Amidst laughter and tears, the family celebrated Tommy’s safe return.

“We missed you so much, Tommy,” said Justin and Kate in unison.

“I missed you too. I’ll never sneak out again or talk to strangers,” Tommy promised.

The nightmare finally ended with Justin and Kate promising to trust their instincts and stay strong together, no matter what came their way.

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