Popular Kenyan Tiktoker shares a video in which she showcased her big nyἆsh (Watch video)

Nyaboke is a popular Kenyan Tiktoker who is known for her amazing dance moves and her big nyash. Nyaboke’s videos feature her dancing to the latest hits, often with a large group of friends.

Her videos quickly go viral, with hundreds of thousands of views. Her signature move is shaking her hips and her big nyash, which always gets her the most attention.

Nyaboke has become an internet sensation in Kenya, with many of her videos being shared across social media platforms.

She has been featured in magazines and on television. She is an inspiration to many young Kenyans, showing that they can achieve success through hard work and dedication.

Nyaboke is an example of how anyone can make it in the internet world. With her amazing dance moves and big nyash, she is making waves in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Watch the trending video she posted below.