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Pray For Yourself As Long As You Are Saved Because You Are Baptized With The Holy Spirit. — Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

On a live video stream, the general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, shared a message with the general public.

Speaking of Point 2 THE MARVELOUS LIBERATION FROM CARNALITY AND CAPTIVITY The clergyman allegedly said, “All afflictions, sickness, and boils that came upon Job was captivity,” at a Monday Global Crusade. He was held captive to terror by all the losses that befell him, but when the Lord showed mercy to him, all captivity vanished. Tonight, Christ will save you from the shackles of illness and suffering. Job’s misery was finally over. There will be addition and multiplication in your life once your captivity is abolished. You’ll experience prosperity, and whatever you want will be granted to you. Liberation has arrived from the demonic forces, spirits, and beings that held you captive.

He continued, “The power of the Holy Spirit was behind everything that Jesus accomplished. We must likewise possess the Holy Ghost and power in order to carry out the deeds that Jesus performed and experience the magnificent display of God’s goodness. Is the Holy Spirit present and active in your life as a believer? You want the power of the Holy Ghost to rule your life while you are at the Crusade and sinners are being saved so that when you face difficulties, you won’t be running around asking for prayers even if you are a Christian. As long as you are saved, pray for yourself because you have the Holy Spirit in baptismal proportion.

Jesus went about doing good, and He will find you no matter where you are, he continued. He is the all-knowing, constantly present One whose power is made visible as He goes about accomplishing good. Praise be to the Lord, the everlasting Liberator, Jesus Christ. No restrictions on time, place, country, or people. In the name of Jesus, he will free you from the yoke of disease and evil this evening. We truly are free once He sets us free.