Pregnant Lady Drags Husband For Dozing Off While She Struggled With Labour (Video)

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 Pregnant lady

A pregnant Nigerian lady has playfully dragged her husband for sleeping off while she struggled with labour in hospital.

The lady took to the video sharing platform, TikTok, to share what her husband did after he took her to the hospital.

She revealed that she was struggling with labour while her husband, who had brought her to the hospital, slept off in the adjacent bed.

The pregnant lady made a video of her husband as he was lying sprawled out on the bed.

She however also noted that her husband is also brave.

She captioned: “My husband was busy sl eeping while I’m struggli 4 ng with labour «3 but he’s actually a bra ve man , he delivered my baby himself”

Below are some of the reactions online.

@victory Aster stated: “no blame him sha,you don’t expect everyone to be the same baby girl just take it and appreciate God for him at least his alive not laying dead pls”

@Bighonor✨ said: “We’re in this together 😂 na them be that 😂”

@payge remarked: “DJ please play me allow me to enjoy myself by Tekno 😄😄😄😄😄😄”

@Benchukz wrote: “he’s also pregnant nah”

@John bosco Obinna wrote: “He has finished his work by pregnanting you and taking to hospital, the rest is your job”

@uchnnajames penned: “The man day tink of una bill oooo”

@rachelashionyeebi said: “your own better , my own go sleep for under maternity women bench deeply drunk while i was battling with cs of twins babbies”

@Goddey OLA said: “See Women😁😂🤣. May B E Neva Tey Wey D Man Just Sleep ooo.

u won Com use am catch Cruise. Believe Her At ur own Risk”

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