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Primate Ayodele: What The Igbos Must Do, In Order To Be Recognised By Bola Tinubu’s Administration

The INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church’s founder, and general overseer, Primate Elijah Ayodele, recently made comments, about the 2023 presidential election, in which he revealed what the Igbo people must, do in order to be recognised by Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration.

Before beginning his remarks, he lamented Nigeria’s current circumstances, and the damage they had done to the rule of law. He went on to say that, if the Igbos wanted Tinubu’s administration to take them seriously, they needed to do more than just prayer. If they want to accomplish anything in Tinubu’s administration, they need to pray.

The Igbo people should fervently pray, for recognition from Tinubu’s administration. To progress under Tinubu’s administration, igbo people must pray. He noted the erosion of the rule of law, and how it had gotten worse.

The Judges will proclaim the guilty innocent, and convict the innocent, he said in conclusion. Sadly, there has already been harm done to the rule of law.