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Proforce Galaxies, NASRDA meet with space consultants in preparation for Nigeria’s 1st commercial satellite

Proforce Galaxies, Nigeria’s leading defence manufacturer, together with officials of the National Space Agency (NASRDA), met with space consultants last week as both organizations continue to work on launching a private sector-driven satellite.

Proforce Galaxies offer sophisticated satellite solutions for multi-varied security problems. The indigenous company produces and supplies MRAPs, APCs, TAVs etc., in Nigeria and across Africa.

The defence manufacturer disclosed via Twitter that it is continuing to make giant strides in its aim following a meeting with consultants from the University of Barcelona alongside representatives from NASRDA.

Similarly, the Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Digital & New Media expressed his delight that the company was working with the Nigerian government to improve military innovation in the country. He wrote:
Proforce and NASRDA partnership

A memorandum of Understanding was signed by Proforce Limited and the National Space and Agency NASRDA on Wednesday, 3rd of August, 2022, at the Obasanjo’s Space Centre in Garki, Abuja, regarding exploring opportunities in space technology and development in the sector.

The NASRDA team was led by Dr Halilu Shaba Ahmad, the agency’s Director General, while Engr. Ade Ogundeyin, the CEO of Proforce Limited, was in attendance.

Dr Halilu spoke about the potential and future of launching a satellite in Nigeria. Engr. Ogundeyin noted that the nation’s provision of a satellite could have averted past unfortunate security challenges, such as the Kuje prison break in particular.

He stated that both organizations are taking adequate steps with urgency on how the goal of making the Nigerian Government proud will be achievable. According to him, he assured that once the goal is achieved, not only will it benefit the government, but it will also be a win for the citizenry.

Engr. Ogundeyin commended NASRDA’s response to the partnership as being impressive and hailed the agency’s their professionalism, excellence, and speed. He attributed this to the outstanding leadership of the agency under the DG while adding that the partnership will be a mutually rewarding one.

NASRDA is a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. The agency is headquartered in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja, in the Lugbe district, and operates a ground receiving station, among other facilities. It has space technology collaborations with the United Kingdom, China, Ukraine, and Russia.

Established on May 5, 1999, by Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Nigerian government, following a preparation period that began in 1998, with the primary goal of establishing a “fundamental policy for the development of space science and technology” and an initial budget of $93 million. The new extended national space program was established in May 2006. It launched four of its satellites, the first in 2003 and the last in 2009.
How a commercial satellite could benefit Nigerians

Satellites have various benefits including providing accurate weather reports and warning of impending storms and other severe climatic conditions. Elon Musk’s disruptive Starlink internet is also powered by satellites orbiting the globe.

Proforce Galaxies, as a defence manufacturer, can offer security surveillance of Homeland Security, Railway Track Monitoring, Crowd Control, Airport, Stadium, Border and Perimeter Surveillance and Oil & Gas Facility Protection, Defence and Law Enforcement Agencies with the use of homegrown deploy satellite.

According to the company’s website, the galaxies and satellite communication network offer remote real-time monitoring and analytical solutions to enable Armed Forces, Investigative, and Law Enforcement Agencies effectively address current threats, especially as it concerns tools for intelligence, Communication systems, command and control.

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