Prophet Uebert Angel International Prophecy Fulfilled

Prophet Uebert Angel International prophecy about the collapse of American and British bank has been fulfilled. The founder of Spirit Embassy ministries, Prophet Uebert Angel has on his Instagram page disclosed the fulfilment of his prophecy.

Uebert shared a video consisting a part of his ministration on 11th January 2023 and a news broadcast. In the ministration, he prophesized about an economic crises that was about to befall America and Britain. He further warned individuals against depositing money in the Western world banks. Advising that they deposit in Africa instead, as 85% of the cash deposits in American banks was reportedly not insured. He went on to add that when his prophecy comes into fulfillment, news anchors would have it announced just as he has prophesized.

“the western world is not ready for the the economic collapse that they are… This year is when they will kneel down and go like… If you have money in Britain or America, take it to Africa…” He said in the ministration video

It was reported in the news broadcast part of the shared video that the American Largest bank, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) had collapsed on the 10th of March, 2023. Again, the news caster mentioned that the second largest American Bank, New York Signature Bank as well as its British Branches had collapsed two days after. Hence, leading to global panic.

This however was in accordance with Prophet Uebert Angel’s prophecy on the 11th of January this year. Appraently, his prophecy was fulfilled in a space of two months. Uebert Angel is widely known as the Godfather of modern day prophetic movement.

Following the the Instagram post, people has hailed him in the comment section.

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