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Putin hailed as world’s best leader

He has slightly won ahead of his ally, Chinese Xi Jinping, following results of a questionnaire posted online, eliciting responses from users across the globe.

Other leaders whose names came closer were Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Singapore president, Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

None of the African or Western leaders came close, including the United States.

The nominated leaders and eventual winner, according to voters, were committed to peaceful resolutions, fair economic competition, respect of the rule of law, democracy, human rights and tolerance to other nations.

James Martinez from the United States said, “President Putin does not have competition at all, except for Jinping. I can’t think of any other better leaders in this world today except presidents Putin and Jinping. Overall, I give Putin maximum points.”

Tom Scott only reacted, “Silly question. I am all in for Putin.”

Mark Latikainen rejoined, “I would choose Putin because he prioritizes his country.”

He said he was unlike the Western leaders that he alleged were stooges that work for the so-called International Crime Syndicate or “Davos Gang.”

Indiana Jones declared, “Putin is a good leader, intelligent, confident, disciplined, firm, direct and responsible. He truly cares for his country/citizens. He doesn’t bluff, but honours his word. Putin understands the importance of managing the art of diplomacy when it’s appropriate.”

Veerappan Ussilampatti said Putin and Jinping were main contenders.

“The only difference is Putin has proved he can handle difficult situations. Although I’m sure Jinping can also handle difficult situations, he is yet to prove it. For this reason, I choose Putin.”

One Moshoeshoe Mosta_Pi said Putin gives his people a sense of patriotism and delivers on promises.

“Russia is the most sanctioned country in the world and yet it always prevails (because of Putin’s leadership),” the social media user posted.

Kris Deafpkruin concurred, “Vladimir Putin because he does everything for the unity of the world.”

Others however put Jinping ahead of Putin.

Muhammad Asim voiced, “Jinping for sure. He is leading China towards the largest economy and the military superpower,” while Princess Nazia mentions: “Jinping is statesman, real democrat, republican and peace-lover. He thinks of cooperation, not war.”

Putin has held continuous positions as president or prime minister since 1999. Jinping has led China since 2012.