Queen Elizabeth II: British Govt Created Imbalance, Potholes In Nigeria – Mbazulike Amechi - Mc Ebisco Queen Elizabeth II: British Govt Created Imbalance, Potholes In Nigeria – Mbazulike Amechi - Mc Ebisco

Queen Elizabeth II: British govt created imbalance, potholes in Nigeria – Mbazulike Amechi

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

ELDER statesman and first Republic Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amechi, Sunday described the death of the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II as dignified loss to England and the world.

Chief Amechi who spoke with Vanguard on a day he also spoke with the British Broadcasting Cooperation BBC, in his Ukpor home in Nnewi South Local Government Area Anambra State, where he also told them his disappointment with the British governments several negative roles in Nigeria, urged the new monarch to do better than the deceased queen, just as to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

The elder statesman who did not hide his disappointment with the British government’s alleged roles in the creation of imbalances, potholes and unreasonable bumps in Nigeria, that is hurting the country and it’s people, which seems so difficult to overcome, urged the British government to correct their mistakes in Nigeria with the forthcoming presidential election by ensuring the winner is not denied his mandate through rigging.

According to Chief Amechi, one of the only two remaining members of Zikist Movement, who had many encounters with the late Queen of England, “The death of Queen Elizabeth, even though every death is the same thing, a loss but this one is a dignified loss, it is a Royal death to a very great queen who ruled a great country and played her own role with dignity and honour and through the citizens and her ancestors. I wish her a very safe journey back to her maker.

“The new monarch I hope will do well. The British government, or Britain is ruled by Constitutional Monarch. The powers are with the Parliament, but they always act in collaboration and I do hope that the new government and the new king will toe the line of peace.

“Britain while administering Nigeria made a lot of mistakes, but we can forgive them, they created imbalances in Nigeria, they created potholes and unreasonable bumps here and there in Nigeria which we are trying to overcome which seem difficult. However, I do hope that the present government will try to correct those mistakes, but if they cannot correct or help to correct such mistakes let them create more problems.

“We are having elections next year and we expect Britain to play the role of true friend of all, true friend of a true united Nigeria that the previous government created with gerrymander that is causing problems and difficulties now, they must help in ensuring that the election is free and fair and the winner is not denied his mandate.”