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Raila Odinga says Ruto’s government is illegitimate

Raila Odinga, Kenya’s opposition leader, has called on his supporters to resist the government of William Ruto after its disputed election last August.

The Supreme Court affirmed Ruto’s victory, which his Kenya Kwanza coalition won by a razor-thin margin over Odinga in the election. The announcement of the results was accompanied by chaos inside the national tallying centre. Both leaders, who have long controlled politics in the largest economy in East Africa, went into an uneasy calm following the election, but Odinga’s coalition said last week that it had discovered new proof of fraud.

At a gathering in the nation’s capital on Monday, Odinga declared, “We cannot and will not recognise the Kenya Kwanza regime and we consider the Kenya Kwanza administration to be illegitimate.” He also urged the leadership to resign.

Due to disagreements in previous elections that resulted in bloodshed, the vote in August was keenly followed. Following the 2007 election, more than 1,200 people died, and more than 100 people died in 2017 when the Supreme Court threw out the preliminary results due to anomalies in the voting process.

Ruto claims that the Supreme Court’s decision validated his victory and has charged Odinga with plotting to undermine his government by inciting protests.

After the chairman and two devoted commissioners of the election commission, the IEBC, retired this month and the majority of the other commissioners resigned, the president took action to prepare the ground for the IEBC’s reconstitution.