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Reactions as Ezeaku, who criticized Ebuka Obi for a purportedly staged miracle, is arrested by Nigerian police

Widespread indignation and discussion have been triggered by the arrest of traditional religion activist Ezeaku and his subsequent transportation to Abuja for criticizing Pastor Ebuka Obi regarding an alleged fake miracle. According to Sahara reporters, it illustrates the continued hostility between traditional and organized religions as well as the requirement for more protection of free speech rights in Nigeria.

Ifeanyichukwu Ezeaku, a traditional religion activist, has been arrested by Nigerian Police in Anambra State, southeast Nigeria, on allegations of defaming a well-known pastor, Pastor Ebuka Obi. Local sources claim that following Ezeaku’s arrest, the police sent him to Abuja, the nation’s capital.

Ezeaku’s advocates utilized diverse social media channels to demand his release, contending that his arrest constitutes a violation of his freedom of speech. Conversely, followers of Pastor Obi maintain that the action was essential to safeguard their spiritual leader’s reputation.

Authorities have stated that Ezeaku was arrested in response to a petition from Pastor Obi’s team, accusing the activist of cyber stalking and harassment. Nevertheless, his arrest has sparked significant public response and unease from various circles, with numerous individuals characterizing it as an effort to mute those speaking out against religious wrongdoing.

At the time of reporting, Ezeaku remains in custody in Abuja, with no formal charges yet leveled against him.

However, the news headline prompted significant responses from various social media users upon its dissemination across platforms. Many users expressed their opinions in the comments section in reaction to the news.

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