Reactions To NLC’s Statement That 5 Trailer Loads Of Rice Per State Is 5 Cups Per Ward & 1 ‘Mudu’ Per Street

Under the direction of Joe Ajaero, the Nigeria Labour Congress, or NLC, has responded to the palliatives provided by the federal government to lessen the impact of the elimination of fuel subsidies.

Remember how the federal government just a few days ago said that all 36 states in the nation, including the federal capital area, will receive pardons?

After the fuel subsidy was eliminated, the federal government claimed that the parliatives were made available to lessen the pain.

However, many Nigerians have voiced their opinions on the issue after the federal government announced the release of the palliatives.

The latest FG development has been met with a response from the Nigeria Labour Congress, or NLC. According to the Union, one mudu equals five cups for each ward and one trailer load of rice for each state.

“5 trailer loads of rice per state equals 5 cups per ward and 1 mudu per street,” the sign stated.