Reactions when Sanwo-Olu is called upon to conduct a referendum by Kanu’s attorney, Ejimakor

IPOB’s Nnamdi Kanu’s attorney, Aloy Ejimakor, calls President Tinubu and the Lagos State government cowardly for allegedly demolishing Igbo-owned buildings in Lagos and other locations.

In a recent development, Aloy Ejimakor, the special counsel to the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has strongly criticized the Lagos State government led by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and President Bola Tinubu over the reported demolition of properties belonging to the Igbo community in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

According to SaharaReporters, Ejimakor labeled the demolitions as cowardly acts and accused the Nigerian government of transforming the nation into an open-air prison for the Igbo people.

He stressed that the continued demolition of Igbo-owned properties in Lagos is unjustifiable and demanded an immediate cessation of such actions.

“If you want Igbos out of Lagos or Nigeria, stop demolishing their properties; that’s cowardly. Instead, conduct a referendum on Biafra and brace for the resounding result,” Ejimakor expressed on his social media platform.

The outcry follows reports of the Lagos State government allegedly targeting and demolishing markets predominantly populated by the Igbo community, including buildings reportedly owned by Igbo residents.

Notably, former Super Eagles striker Emmanuel Emenike claimed that his house was demolished despite having received due approval from relevant authorities.

In a parallel concern, Kanu’s family has urged President Tinubu to adhere to the Court of Appeal’s judgments mandating the immediate and unconditional release of the detained IPOB leader.

The family also questioned the Department of State Services (DSS) regarding Kanu’s confinement and demanded transparency regarding the denial of access to him, especially for legal and family visits.

Prince Emmanuel Kanu, Nnamdi Kanu’s younger brother, alleged that the DSS in Abuja prevented Kanu from signing his legal documents and restricted access to his authorized visitors, including family members and legal representatives, in defiance of court orders.

Expressing deep concern over Kanu’s health and the conditions of his confinement, Emmanuel Kanu demanded explanations from the DSS on their refusal to grant access to the IPOB leader, citing violations of court orders and the denial of rightful visitation rights.

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