Reasons why Arsenal will have a great 2023-24 season

The Gunners have started the season in a more subdued manner than last year, replacing their once explosive brand of ‘Artetaball’ with a sluggish style that has left many fans underwhelmed.

Mikel Arteta, on the other hand, would remind the Gunners faithful that his squad is still picking up points and is unbeaten at this admittedly early stage, while a statement win over Manchester United provides the team with a big platform to build on when domestic action returns.

1. Arsenal are now a less aggressive team

As previously said, Arsenal’s tactics have shifted slightly this season, and they now appear less willing to try ‘aggressive’, vertical passes through opposing blocks, preferring to send the ball out wide when attacking.

These changes are being pushed in part by extraordinary midfield congestion, with a watchful opposition keen to keep the Gunners out of dangerous central areas.

They help defend Arsenal from transitions since they are less likely to lose possession in uncrowded areas, reducing the number of chances they concede.

Their conservatism may act as an antidote to their ’emotional’ squad, allowing Arsenal to better control games, but wing confinement may also destroy any attacking momentum.

2. Arsenal have plenty of striking competition

Despite strong calls for investment in the frontline, Arsenal manager Arteta has chosen Eddie Nketiah to replace Gabriel Jesus. Their combined efforts have made a major difference on the pitch, indicating that Arsenal has a stronger front line than previously assumed. In the next weeks, the selection of the finest eleven will be fascinating.

3. Declan Rice is the final piece of the jigsaw

Rice, a £105 million signing for Arsenal, has demonstrated why the club pushed hard for his services. Despite his recent strike, he dominated midfield and was named Player of the Match for the second time. Rice’s height, physicality, aerial duels, dribbling, and passing abilities all help Arsenal. His leadership abilities and unassuming demeanour make him an invaluable asset.