Referee Shows First-Ever White Card During Football Match (Video) - Mc Ebisco

Referee Shows First-Ever White Card During Football Match (Video)


A referee has showed the first ever white card.


The card was shown by a referee in charge of Saturday’s clash between rivals Sporting Lisbon and Benfica.


While people are conversant with yellow and red cards, a white card will look bizarre to pretty much every football fan.


The new card was shown shortly before half-time of the women’s fixture in Portugal.


Benfica were 3-0 up when the ref pulled the white card out and brandished it in the same way a match official.


According to The Sun, someone on the bench in the dugout fell ill at the end of the first half.


Medical staff from both sides subsequently rushed to the person’s aid.


Once the issue was dealt with, the referee then brandished the white card, much to the delight of fans inside the Estadio da Luz.


Unlike yellow and red cards meant to punish teams for breaking football’s rules, white cards are designed to recognise and praise clubs for fair play.


Part of a new initiative in Portugal, the hope is that a white card encourages ethical values in sport.


The white card provides immediate recognition for a positive act during a football match.


While the initiative isn’t widespread just yet, it’s part of a series of new introductions in football, which also include concussion substitutions and longer stoppage time – as seen in the recent World Cup in Qatar.


As for the match, Benfica went on to score two more goals, wrapping up a convincing 5-0 victory in the cup quarter-final tie.