Responses To the Report That Governor Otti Spent N927 Million On Food And Welfare In Just Three Months

The governor of Abia State, Alex Otti, reportedly spent 927 million naira on food and welfare programs for state officials in just three months, according to a document made public by the government of the state. The sum is astounding.

Public opinion is reported to have been divided by the report, which was posted on the state government’s website and coincided with calls for government expenditure cuts in light of the nation’s financial difficulties and escalating inflation.

According to SaharaReporters, Governor Otti spent the funds on the projects between July and September 2023.

Another point in the report that surprised some is that while N927 million was spent on refreshments/meals and welfare packages, only a paltry N25 million was spent on the repair of public schools across the state.

According to media reports, the conditions in several public schools in the state have been poor for some time and students are studying in very poor conditions.

The release of the report drew mixed reactions from many Nigerians, with many frowning at the bill.

Some said that while it was commendable that the government released the figures, it seemed inappropriate to spend so much money on catering and welfare programs when the state government spent only N25 million on renovations at schools.

Here are some reactions from people: