Round of 16 Fixtures for the FIFA U17 World Cup Following Playoffs in Every Group

After three Group Stage games apiece, the FIFA U17 World Cup is over, and the winning teams have secured their spots in the Round of 16.

In their Round of 16 matches, Germany will face formidable opposition after winning all three of their Group games and taking the lead with nine points. Even though the United States of America placed second in their group, Germany will still have to fight hard to score every goal against the Americans. The text will be changed to reflect that the best of Europe and America will compete, but regrettably, one of them will have to withdraw from the tournament. Germany and the USA play on Tuesday, November 21, 23 at 9:30 a.m.

France, another 9 pointer in the Group stage, will face African finest, Senegal in their Round of 16 game on Wednesday, 22/11/2023 at 1:00pm. France are more tactical than many Teams in this competition and Senegal may not have the luxury of applying their physical strength as techniques and tactics will be the important things when they meet.

Argentina are another side to look out for, following their never say never attitude. However, the South Americans will have to prove their mettle against Fellow American side, Venezuela. Venezuela’s style is very unpredictable following their fantastic response anytime goals were scored against them. Aside Argentina and Venezuela. Brazil will also face another American side Ecuador which simply means 2 American side will exit the competition.

Morocco is the only African side to finish first in their Group. The North African side will face a tactically sound Iranian side, which shall also be among the top Round of 16 games. No matter what happens, Morocco is also a Top side and they will surely face their fear when they meet Iran on Tuesday 21/11/2023.

The Round of 16 produced 6 American sides, 4 European Countries,3 Asian Nations and 3 African sides. From the fixtures you have seen, which sides do you think will make it through to the next round?