Sam Adeyemi “What I Asked Pastor Adeboye The Day I Had The Opportunity Of Sitting Down Close To Him”

In a video that Pastor Sam released on his official Twitter handle, he said, “I asked Pastor Adeboye, what is the role of the church in the transformation of Nigeria”.

Adeboye replied to my question, saying, “Let us just pray that God will give us more righteous people”.

I thought it was a vague answer, but he explained it further, saying, “Let me ask you a question: if you have a group of armed robbers and if they have the opportunity to elect their leader, will they elect the policeman?

Pastor Adeyemi, in his teaching, said, “If I were the policeman and somehow I found myself as the leader of the group, what would I do?

“One of the two things will happen: to remain the leader of the group, I will have to become an armed robber, or they will kill me or take me out.

“The other route is that the group will have to become like me; that process of changing people and leading them through transformation is what leadership is about”, he concluded.