Sani “If Your Certificate Carries The Name Emma J. Musa, Please Kindly Take It Back To Your School”

Former Kaduna legislator Shehu Sani, who represented Kaduna Central in the National Assembly, has urged people whose names are misspelled on their certificates to return to their original educational institution in order to get them corrected.

He made the statement in a message that he shared on his official Twitter account on Sunday.

When he made the statement, he was reacting to some of the recent decisions the court had rendered.

He stated in his article that anyone whose name is not written entirely on a certificate ought to return to school and make sure it is.

According to senator Shehu Sani via his social page, “If your certificate carries the name Emma J. Musa pls kindly take it back to your school for them to complete the first name and the second name, just in case. And if your certificate carries the name Ade, try and complete it too”.

Read his post below.