SDP Presidential Candidate Adebayo Says He Will Eradicate Poverty In Nigeria Within 18 Months - Mc Ebisco SDP Presidential Candidate Adebayo Says He Will Eradicate Poverty In Nigeria Within 18 Months - Mc Ebisco
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SDP Presidential candidate Adebayo says he will eradicate poverty in Nigeria within 18 months

Adewole Adebayo, the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) presidential candidate, has pledged that, if elected, he will end poverty in the country and increase economic prosperity within 18 months after taking office.

Speaking over the weekend, the lawyer-turned-politician emphasized the need for competence, courage, and character as qualities that a leader must have in order to rebuild the nation and give hope to the vast majority of Nigerians who have lost hope.

He said: ‘’I have a plan for 30 million jobs. When people have jobs and you put people in school, you create the middle class and solve the problem of poverty. The job comes with accommodation and other incentives, then, poverty will go away.”

Adebayo emphasized that only the person with capacity and capability could get the country out of the woods and added that unless there is honest and purposeful leadership, the country might just still continue to deal with almost the difficulties it is currently facing.

He claimed that all the issues, including banditry, persisted because the country’s authorities lacked sincerity in their goals, claiming that “What we call security problem in Nigeria is the routine day to day problem.” We merely experience bandit skirmishes in Nigeria.

Adebayo was also asked if his party has the requisite structure to win the presidential election, he said, ‘’Legally speaking, all political parties are supposed to have the same structures, because one of the criteria by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) use to evaluate whether the party will be deregistered or not is that it must be present in every local government, in every ward, every state, every zone and in the FCT.

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