See Reason Why Regina Daniels Broke Up with Childhood Sweetheart Somadina Finally Revealed (Details)

Before expectant mother Regina Daniels become the wife of billionaire Ned Nwoko, we were all in the known that she dated her childhood sweetheart Somadina. In this article we will be discussing The Real Reason Why Regina Daniels Broke Up with Childhood Sweetheart Somadina.

From social media rumors, she left the poor boy to marry Ned Nwoko who has lots of money to spare.

What we did not know is the fact that she never had any romantic relationship with actor Somadina.

According to Within Nigeria, Regina and Somadina have always remained best friends and has been confirmed by a source close to them.

“They were just friends. Somadina never dated Regina Daniels. I wonder how that rumor started.

“I don’t really don’t know. I have never seen Soma with any girl ( like girlfriend matter), and sometimes I wonder. Because he is very handsome. But for sure, Regina and Soma never dated”. The source added.

It looks like we have been feeding on lies all this while— the last we heard, Somadina was in a love relationship with Akwapim Poloo.

Fast rising actor, model and television presenter, Somadina Adinma, has finally opened up on his relationship with teenaged actress, Regina Daniels.

Adinma, who admitted that he has found love again after Regina left to marry another man, however, revealed that his opinion doesn’t count if someone decides to marry whomever he or she desires. He also talked about other issues. Enjoy it.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Somadina Adinma. I am from Anambra State. I am the last child of my family. My dad is late and I have just my mom and a sibling.

From being a kid actor, how has the journey been?

It wasn’t easy. It was very hard. You know, at a point, I stopped acting because my mom felt that acting was taking my mind away from school. So, I stopped acting. I couldn’t get admission to higher institution, so I went to do a diploma course in Cooperative Economics and Management. After my two-year course, I gained admission to study Theatre Arts and Film at the university. I started acting again in my 300 Level and it was very hard. Now, staging a comeback is very hard.

What’s it like combining education and acting?

It was very hard. I studied Theatre Arts and Film, so combining acting and schooling was very tough. I wasn’t getting jobs frequently and it was after my graduation that I started getting roles.

What kind of student were you in school?

Of course, I was like every other student. The only difference was that they treated me a bit special. But then, in Theatre Arts, everybody was a star. They knew I was an actor but everybody in my department was a star, including the lecturers.

Did you fail any course?

Yes, in my first year, I didn’t know it was all about attendance and stuff like that. I had few carryovers in my first year, but I never had any carryover again till I graduated.

What was your motivation?

The love of the craft was my motivation. This was something I started as a child. Then, it was like a plaything. But it started making sense for me to want to study Theatre Arts and Film in the university.

Did life as a kid actor rob you off your childhood?

No, it didn’t. Life as a kid actor didn’t take anything away from me. I had time to play with every other child in school and at any other places.

How were you discovered as a kid actor?

There was this day I came out into my street and I met some people filming. It was actually Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki and Paw Paw) doing the filming. So, I walked up to one of the cast, he was an actor too, and said I wanted to be like these ‘kids’. He looked at me and smiled. He said ‘those are not kids, they are adults, but if you are really sure you want to act, I can meet your parents to get the go ahead’. They eventually came, but they wanted to take my brother instead of me. And I was like ‘who does that?’ Then I was very small, I was like seven or eight years old. But the edge I had over others was that I could read and understand the words, and they had to tell other kids to say ‘this and that’ before they could say so. That was how it started for me. I think my first movie was actually a scene, the tittle was ‘Charge and Bail’, and I did it with Osita Iheme.

Which movie brought you back into the spotlight?

I did two movies ‘Love and Oil’ directed by Ifeogwu. It starred acts like Yul Edochie, Nuella Njubuigbo and so many others. The second was ‘Miss Teacher’, a Chika Ike’s movie, which was about child’s right. I was one of the main characters in the movie, and then ‘Mr China’s, ‘Eliza the Village Lover’ and others. Those were the movies that people saw and started calling me for jobs again.

Now that you are back, has it been easy for you?