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Seems Army Has Shifted Focus Towards Carrying Out Vengeful Action Against Okuama Community

In a recent statement reported by Vanguard, Prof. Godini Darah, a prominent figure in the Niger Delta region and Delta State chairman of the Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF), expressed concerns over the handling of the investigation into the tragic deaths of 17 soldiers in Okuama, Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta State.

Prof. Darah emphasized the inadequacy of solely entrusting the Nigerian Army with the investigation and called attention to the need for impartial justice.

While the Chief of Defence Staff assured that the Army had identified the perpetrators and pledged to bring them to justice, Prof. Darah voiced apprehension about the Army’s actions shifting towards punitive measures against the Okuama community and other individuals.

He raised questions regarding the military’s siege on Okuama and neighboring communities, including a raid on Chief Edwin Clark’s residence in Kiagbodo.

Prof. Darah also questioned the legality of the military’s actions, highlighting the lack of transparency and accountability in their operations.

He challenged the notion that the military had the authority to engage in arbitrary and punitive actions against individuals or groups under Nigerian law, particularly in the absence of due process.

The Defence Headquarters of the Army had reportedly announced the names of eight individuals as “wanted persons” in connection with the tragedy, prompting further scrutiny into the legal basis for such actions. Prof. Darah’s remarks underscored the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring that justice is served through transparent and lawful means.