Segun Sowunmi said. “Let Nobody Insist That Bola Tinubu Will Not Be Done In 2027 And Atiku Should Be Done”

Former PDP candidate for governor of Ogun State, Segun Sowunmi, has declared that former vice president Atiku Abubakar ought to remain in the 2027 presidential contest. He maintained that people have to give Atiku the same regard as they do Tinubu.

Atiku cannot ignore the problems facing the country, according to Sowunmi, in an interview with Seun Okinbaloye on Mic On Podcast. He issued a warning, saying that people like Atiku still have a lot to offer the country and that it would be premature to write off political figures like him based just on their age.

In Sowunmi’s words: “Atiku doesn’t have the liberty to say he is just going to go and start sleeping when the nation is bleeding. Nero can not sleep when Rome is burning. So whether Atiku is done or he is not done, he is going to take that decision by himself but let nobody push Atiku out. Let nobody insist that Bola Tinubu will not be done in 2027 and Atiku should be done. If you are talking about the aging process, aging affects everybody. People are done when they have truly given their all, so people like Atiku still have a whole lot more to offer”.